Küssen Workshop:

This is our printing workshop, based in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin. We are a collective of around ten artists printing on both textiles and paper. Every year we come together and produce a lovely art calender that we sell to support the collective.

Screen Printing explained:

Step One:

The photo sensitive emulsion gets spread evenly on the screen fabric.

Step Two:

After that we leave the screen to dry in a dark space.

Step three: We now add light to the screen. putting the desired image (printed on transparent paper) between the screen and the glass

Step four: The screen now gets washed with water. the part of the image exposed to light is etched on to the screen and wherever there was black on the image the emulsion gets washed out leaving the screen fabric open.

Step five: The screen gets attached to the carousel and filled evenly with water based fabric ink

Step six: Now we put the t-shirt on the print board attached to the carousel.

Step seven:

The ink gets pushed through the opening in the screen fabric with a squeegie

Step eight:

Voilá!! The image is on the t-shirt! Now it needs to dry before it gets transported to Nüx and sold to you?